Superpod passive homes using windows supplied by PodMarket-Build can be adapted for your site in any climate.

Start with a tiny pod of around 25 sqm. Or a granny flat of 50 sqm.  Or go much bigger.  We love diversity and are very adaptable.  Put your new home in a remote location and be totally comfortable with little or no active heating or cooling.  Add a few solar panels and a water tank – start to go off the grid if you like.  The choice is yours.  Each pod can be certified as a Passive House, according to the International Passive House Standard. That means high comfort with very low energy requirements.

We supply triple glazed (or, where appropriate, double glazed) windows, importing them from UNILUX® in Germany for your project. We recommend that you consider specifying and buying the best windows possible, to avoid cold spots, or unwanted heat transfer, whether you are in Darwin, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or Hobart.  Windows are a definite weak point in any building envelope. That weak point is where the outside temperatures get through most easily. Single glazed windows with poor, drafty frames are a thing of the past.  Serious windows make all the difference in any building.

Contact us now for a pod, or for the highest quality windows.  Air ventilation systems are coming soon too!