About Us

We believe in using the best quality building products for the most beautiful, high performing, durable, lasting homes, offices, and other indoor environments.

We believe that where you sleep, live and work should be comfortable, healthy, quiet and safe for you and the environment.

We think that a low carbon future is a necessity, not a luxury.  That the Passive House Standard is more than an unachievable ideal – it’s the way we should approach our buildings now.

That is why we bring these fully imported top quality windows to Australia.

Now, you have a new choice.  You have expected the best in cars and home appliances for many years.  Now it is time to have the best in your new windows.

About us

We are designers of innovative and high quality building systems and furniture.

Good Design doesn’t cut corners.  It doesn’t compromise on important hidden aspects.  We believe that high quality design gives attention to the details that you don’t even see.  The details that make a difference to performance, ease of use, comfort, and longevity.

Our Superpod building systems comply with the world’s best practice in comfort and energy efficiency: the Passive House Standard.  See our website superpodhome.com and facebook page Superpodhome.

To complete your beautiful living environment, we also design furniture that is so clever you wonder how it stands up, with the design taking many months, even years to perfect.

Minimalist use of sustainable materials for a durable outcome.

Importantly, the building envelope products you buy, whether a window, a flooring component, or a wall of a building, will only be truly sustainable if they help you save energy rather than wasting energy.  That’s because a massive part of our carbon footprint worldwide comes from energy leaking out of the building envelope.

What about the materials you use?  Is timber sustainable?  Maybe.  But not if your timber windows leak air, rot and require repainting often.  And certainly not if your framing and glazing doesn’t provide a well sealed, well insulated unit.

Which brings us to Unilux windows, using both timber and Kömmerling profiles (these profiles are uPVC frames).

Consistent with our ethos, we love the difference in quality of life that the most stringent design process in the world has produced in windows: fully imported German windows from the best brands in Europe such as our partners Kömmerling and Unilux.

If you want the best in windows, we can help at PodMarket-Build.

And if you want a wholistic approach to your building’s performance, talk to us about the best in sustainable building systems, the certified passive house building system by Superpod.  We have a system for building walls and all that you need for a comfortable building.  A system that’s fast, pre-engineered, and able to comply with the stringent and liberating Passive House requirements.  Email us in the contact fields on this site, or info@superpodhome.com, for your next ground-breaking building.