uPVC Alu-clad Windows, double+triple glazed

Built for generations to come. With Unilux’s state of the art, Aluminium-Clad uPVC windows, you’ll be setting the highest standard in thermal efficiency. Behind the weatherproof aluminium frame are energy-saving solutions enabling you to effectively reduce costs over the long-term.  Sustainability which pays off for you.

With an elegant aluminium facing, your steel reinforced, uPVC profile now provides hundreds of various colour options.  Together they make a window that combines aesthetics, strength, longevity and thermal superiority with your personal taste and preferences.  Some of the benefits of this combination approach are highlighted below.

  • Protective style
    Building Exterior: An elegant aluminium shell ensures a perfect structure and withstands any storm.
    Building Interior: Steel-reinforced, uPVC profile which guarantees maximum durability and minimal maintenance.
    Combined, they produce a window which has both aesthetics and durability.
  • Elegant insulation
    Thermal insulation doesn’t need to look cumbersome. With a construction depth of only 90 millimetres, even with triple glazing, ‘IsoStar-Alu’ achieves excellent insulation.
    That’s how delicate energy efficiency can be.
  • Efficient insulation
    Three seals minimise air permeability and increase wind resistance.
    Thermally separated spacers between the glass panes also improve insulation, and significantly reduce condensation build-up in colder months.

And just like the straight uPVC window option, the following points still apply to the uPVC-aluclad version:

1. Superior Thermal Insulation
It’s clear from the profile view (shown in the image gallery here), ‘IsoStar’ has no less than 6 adjacent chambers and 3 gasket levels, achieving insulation values deemed virtually impossible for a uPVC window as recently as only a few years ago.

2. Steel Reinforcements
Structural steel is integrated into the profile itself which significantly increases its strength and durability.  The window hinges are consequently screwed into this reinforcement steel, achieving an incredibly high degree of stability and toughness, and thus providing long term reliability and enjoyment.

3.  Glazing Gasket
UNILUX utilises a very special gasket up against the glass itself labelled “EPDM”.  This is a new polymer synthetic rubber which has incredible weather and moisture resistance over the long term.

4. Clear Lines
The IsoStar range has a very contemporary and sophisticated profile which provides a very minimalist line. It has an overall thickness of only 90 millimetres which allows it to be utilised with multitudes of different framing techniques and will undoubtedly accentuate the building’s aesthetic.

5.  Superior Insulation
One pane of glass isn’t too expensive. With Unilux you have different glazing options depending upon the U value (and SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) you’d like to achieve.  With the affordable ‘SuperThermo3’ triple-glazing system, you’ll achieve optimum insulation levels.  With a heat transfer coefficient of 0.6 W/m2K, ‘SuperThermo3’ even meets the strictest benchmark as required by certified Passive Houses.

6.  Durable steel locking parts
UNILUX uses in-house developed locking components.  There are no “off the shelf” products here.  Therefore you can be certain that all window parts will close and lock into place perfectly. Over and over and over again.

7.  Concealed hinges
Upon request, the hinges can be integrated into the frame and thus be invisible when the window is closed, ensuring an attractive, uncompromising design.  This is a personal preference and some customers prefer the hinges to be exposed.  The choice is yours.

8.  Mushroom pins for added security
The mushroom-shaped locking device makes breaking in significantly harder.  They also pull the windows in very tight when pulled against their mating striker plates to ensure an airtight fit that will never let you down.


So please have a good look through our website and refer to the more detailed information in our blog, in the downloadable catalogues and even refer to the UNILUX website itself.
Then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
Quality windows are paramount towards achieving quality, thermally efficient buildings.
You won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.



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