Timber Windows, double+triple glazed

Modern timber windows only share a name with their “ancestors”. Good carpentry and appearance alone is no longer enough, because energy efficiency, safety and functionality standards have increased dramatically to meet today‘s customer needs.  And it is not just the window itself, but the frame and the airtightness of the whole unit that is crucial for avoiding drafts, increasing comfort and saving on energy.  That‘s why all UNILUX Meister (i.e. Master) timber windows demonstrate such well developed design and complex engineering.

Wood definitely provides a feeling of wellbeing. It‘s a unique material in that it has lasted through all types of fashions and trends and has always inspired specialists to create beautiful works of art and craftsmanship. With any timber window from UNILUX, you‘re always getting masterful design and the highest possible engineering quality.  You can see the quality throughout when you look closely. The details make the difference. For example, the fittings on the wood Meister (Master) window, are fully recessed to enable  flush mounting. The consistent elimination of unnecessary corners and edges gives the window a more streamlined appearance.  And there’s a constant focus on long term durability.  For instance, the finishing process contains special pigments that protect the wood from UV radiation.

Certain wood species have been specifically chosen for our windows after rigorous analysis and testing. All UNILUX wood profiles are pre-finished in the factory using an environmentally friendly four-phase water-borne process.  No toxic chemicals are used.  Different finish offerings, specifically designed for each particular wood species, both protect the wood from harmful UV rays and enhance its natural character.  Our predominant base timbers include:  Larch, Scandinavian Pine, European Oak, Alder and Shorea (exotic wood)

In addition to the natural finishes, we also offer 9 exclusive translucent colours for even more UV-protection.  Additionally each timber door + window can be painted one of 180 opaque colours (following the international RAL colour standards).  We’re sure you’ll find a colour, stain or tone to meet your requirements.

So what else sets UNILUX apart from other window manufacturers?

1. Suitability of materials + durability
Since UNILUX was founded it has always used the highest-quality materials available. Down to the finest detail: UNILUX has specified and sourced specific wood species to satisfy their stringent requirements, and these are subsequently finished utilising high-quality coatings with UV blockers. The high-quality production and strict quality control guarantee that you will enjoy your UNILUX product for years to come.

2. Design options
Some things are simply a matter of taste and personal preference. You can choose from five refined and highly suitable wood species, 180 colours and glazing tones, and several double-glazed and triple-glazed options. And let‘s not forget: a wide variety of window shapes themselves (they don‘t have to be rectangular, after all). Serious variety, direct from the factory.  That’s what we offer.

3. Energy efficiency
UNILUX‘s solid construction style not only guarantees durability, but also helps save energy. Every one of our Meister (Master) windows also has thermally isolated spacers between the panes of glass. That provides better insulation values, more comfort in the vicinity of the window and significantly less condensation in cold months. Heating costs can be further reduced through highly efficient triple glazing with a thickness of at least 40 mm.  Triple glazing has numerous benefits and this will become more widely appreciated in Australia in the years to come.

4. Safety + security
Sometimes a window‘s job is not just to keep out wind and rain, but also uninvited guests. That‘s why all UNILUX locking parts specially made.  UNILUX uses in-house developed locking parts, so you can be 100% certain that all windows will close and lock into place perfectly. For the long term.  There’s no “off the shelf” products utilised here.

5. Brand quality
At UNILUX there has always been one unbreakable rule: Only products of uncompromising quality leave the factory. This made the company a recognised quality leader over the decades. Anyone who pays heed to the UNILUX logo can be certain of always receiving a “Made in Germany“- branded product.
You can see it when you look closely at any of their products. The details make all the difference. For example, the fittings on the wood Meister (Master) window, are recessed to enable flush mounting as mentioned above.  The consistent elimination of unnecessary corners and edges also gives the window a high-end appearance. And for the long term too, as the glazing contains special pigments that protect from UV radiation. That means you‘ll be able to enjoy the masterful workmanship for the years to come.

Some other features we love and why we deal exclusively with UNILUX and their German manufacturing superiority.

  • Durable steel locking parts
    UNILUX uses in-house developed locking parts, so you can certain that all window parts will close and lock into place perfectly. For the long term.
  • Concealed hinges
    Upon request, the hinges can be integrated into the frame and thus be invisible when the window is closed, ensuring an attractive, uncompromising design.
  • Mushroom pins for added security
    The mushroom-shaped locking device makes breaking in significantly harder.  They also pull the windows in tighter when pulled against their mating sticking plates to ensure an airtight fit that will never let you down.

So please have a good look through our website and refer to the more detailed information in our blog, in the downloadable catalogues and even refer to the UNILUX website itself.
Then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
Quality windows are paramount towards achieving quality, thermally efficient buildings.
You won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.




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